Since the White House has let us know that Russia hacked the election, shot JFK, set Lance Armstrong up for doping, forgot to turn out the lights when it left the room thus causing America’s energy crisis, crashed aliens at Roswell, sabotaged the Ghostbusters reboot, and misplaced my car keys making me late for work, we should probably all learn a little Russian.  This handy guide will get you started.

Source: Ryan Estrada on tumblr, via imgur.

learn to read russian

This map shows the phrase each U.S. state googled more than every other state in 2015, according to Google trends. Texas was curious about Miranda Lambert’s divorce, Washington loved Spock, Deflategate ruled New Hampshire, and Wisconsin was wondering what “bae” means.

Lotta people in Utah wanted to learn about “Transgender,” while people in Florida were looking to lock and load.

Full map below.

Source: Estately. Where do you want to live?


Wondering which  flower is appropriate for a particular situation? This handy illustrated guide to flowers and their meanings is what you’re looking for.  Sorted by color and symbolism, this infographic breaks it all down.  Roses, daffodils, violets, marigolds, poppies, Chinese lanterns, and many other flowers are included.

Red flowers symbolize love, I’m sure you know that one, but red flowers can also have other meanings. Orange flowers signifies warmth and enthusiasm. Yellow flowers mean friendship or new beginnings. Green flowers usually symbolize fortune.  Blue flowers for peace, lavender flowers for grace or elegance. Purple flowers can mean pride or dignity, or even accomplishment. Pink flowers for grace and joy, and white flowers for innocence.

Of course, there are other many others meanings. Check the chart below for a rundown.


It may surprise you to learn that picking most locks is trivially simple. With just a couple pieces of metal and about 10 minutes of training a person can open probably 90% of door locks in existence. It’s just a matter of raking the tumblers until the tumbler can turn freely.  It can be even simpler than the illustrated guide below with a special key known as a “bump key,” but that’s a secret you should keep to yourself. 😉


Looking to know when it’s time to bring your car in for service? This chart is a listing of service descriptions and the recommended maintenance or inspection intervals for each. For something like a headlight, you should be checking weekly. Universal joints, cooling system, and other big-ticket items can be checked less frequently.

Check your car battery each 6,000 miles or so, CV Boots too. Air filters and fuel filters can go about 12,000 miles.